I want you to achieve results quickly, so my system is straight to the point and covers the exact formula you need to follow.

This radically simple yet effective Methodology will work for you, EVEN IF you:

  • Struggled to believe in yourself in the past…
  • Struggle with feelings of not being good enough…
  • Struggle with addiction…
  • Struggle with confidence…
  • Struggle with your weight…
  • Struggle with your body image…
  • Struggle with feeling attractive…
  • Struggle when things don’t go your way, or when unexpected obstacles surface…
  • Struggle with anxiety and experience stress…
  • Struggle with past traumas and unwanted external influnces…
  • The odds seem stacked against you…
  • Have a super busy schedule…
  • Feel like you are too far gone…
  • Don’t have a firm grasp of your purpose…
  • Had lots of success and want more…
  • You feel like a victim…
  • You feel powerless…
  • You have bad genetics…
  • You have a history of obesity…
  • Have tried over and over again to change your life with other programs for systems…
  • Or even if you THINK you’ve tried everything!

Now, let me tell you what Your Secret Self Methodology is not… Just so you know what you’re about to experience…

This is not yet another law of attraction program to simply think about what you want and attract it into your life or something silly like that.

Rather, Your Secret Self Methodology is the direct result of over twelve years of study, analyzing, and digging through the trenches to find what REALLY works…

As well as looking at the real reasons behind what keeps us stuck going round and round confronting the same circle of disappointing circumstances year after year…

The success patterns I studied and successfully duplicated will give YOU the freedom to:

Overcome your current problems and limitations…

Eliminate behavioral self-image sabotage so you can achieve your goals and experience lasting change in your life.

Master your inner game and re-engineer a winning self-image so you can achieve your every desire and finally reclaim the life you deserve.

Before we go any further, though, it’s only fair that I am absolutely 100 percent transparent with you:

If you’re just after some quick fix alternatives…

Or some other plan you ALREADY KNOW will never, ever work for you…

Then you need to leave this page right now.

This is not for you.

This is for men and women who are ready to stop looking for “miracle answers” and start ensuring lasting results…

In short, there are no “Easy” answers… Yet, I have made this as easy as it can get.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re attempting to change your:

  • Health
  • Income
  • Position
  • Business
  • Body
  • Relationships


  • Get unstuck so you can let go of your past and move on with your life…

Your Secret Self Methodology aligns you with your best self, allowing you to re-engineer a winning self-image, becoming the person that naturally attracts the right circumstances and people so you can achieve your goals.

Just check out what average everyday normal people are saying:

“Many people don’t make the shift you describe. Your message helps them, shows them it’s not as easy as it looks in the movies. Life is hard, but what are our choices?

If we are not living, we are dying.”


“Hey James, congrats, bro! My moment was in Tokyo on 7th Aug 1995. I had a house, a great job, seemingly great life, and one morning I couldn’t get out the front door of my house I was so full of fear. Took me a week to make it to my first AA meeting. I’d met a guy before who invited me. During that week he called me a few times and finally, on I think it was a Friday, I asked him to take me to a meeting.

His answer…

“You have to go there yourself.” I had to do it. No excuses for later like someone dragged me there. It had to be MY decision and my action. And that was the “Moment” of change and a whole new life. Best decision I ever made. Thank you, James! Blessings to you and everyone reading your story!”

Carl 🙂

“Thank you! Most of our friends (for a number of reasons—mainly because we prefer them) are recovering alcoholics, and in my opinion, you are on the right side of history, having experienced something that enables you to piercingly see into the lives around you, and keep yours right!

There is a Boddhisatva vow, to save all sentient beings—your example is a force pulling the rest of us up!

Again, thanks!”

Sam DuBois

“You fell into that big dark hole and pulled yourself out. Well done! You inspire me in my work as a psychologist to keep going no matter how hard it is. You created your own path … a new path. You showed us that we can all create our own paths and participate in life. Well done!”

Charley Strickland

“The majority of people create their own prison and don’t realize they’re in one. I know sometimes life feels like you’re spiraling into an endless pit of despair with no possible chance of escape. In order for your life to be different, you have to act and feel different. What you did took great courage, and you should be proud of yourself.”


Does this all sound too good to be true?

Well, I assure you it is not. It is very true, and it works.

By now, you might be wondering how you can get started.

I wanted this to be simple enough that you can begin using it as soon as you receive the materials.

So it doesn’t require a week before you know what you’re supposed to do first.

In the Your Secret Self Methodology members area, you’ll do a short lesson on each principle and then take action to immediately implement these principles in your life and begin seeing results!

Many members report an immediate A-HA moment creating a shift in their perspective with their newfound self-awareness.

And that is amazing, considering they are SEEING these results and experiencing this transformation simply by becoming more self-aware…

Have you ever noticed in the morning or even throughout the day how sometimes you can get bombarded with negative thoughts that repeat themselves over and over again.

You start thinking about the problems of the day, criticizing yourself, or start thinking about random things that happened two weeks ago and it can really sometimes set a negative tone…

  • Why can’t I do anything right?
  • Why am I so overweight?
  • Why am I so broke?
  • When is my life going to get better?
  • Why does this keep happening to me? This is so unfair.
  • Why do I have such a bad attitude all the time?
  • Why is life so hard?
  • Why does she/he have it so much easier?
  • Why bother, nothing is ever going to get better?
  • Why can’t I change?

Sound familiar? So how do we break the thread?

First of all, the goal here is to help you become more aware of your unconscious mental chatter, the conversations that you have with yourself in secret, so you can change it…

Your inward conversations are the breeding ground of all your future actions. Morning, noon, and night you are carrying on little internal arguments.

So all that we can do is control the nature and the direction of our inner conversations.

Most of us are totally unaware of the fact that our inner conversations are the causes of the circumstances of our life.

So when you catch yourself, break the habit by consciously creating new thoughts, thereby making a new record to externalize itself in your future.

One of the most effective ways to begin this is by asking yourself, “What is the best ideal of myself that I can be today?

I ask this in the context of looking at who I’ve been in the past so I can build a better idea of who I want to be now and moving forward.

I ask it in a greater effort to become more aware of my unconscious thought patterns so that I can create conscious ones.

One benefit of this technique is it will begin to really help you observe what you’re saying to yourself unconsciously.

And the other benefit is you can decide to ask empowering questions rather than disempowering questions.

Your brain will find an answer either way.

If you go around asking negative questions such as:

  • Why can’t I do anything right?
  • Why is life so unfair?
  • Why does this always happen to me?
  • Why am I so broke?
  • Why am I so overweight?

Whether you’re asking these questions consciously or subconsciously, your mind will find the answers.

And guess what?

You’ll feel as if you never do anything right, are broke, and are quite overweight.

This, of course, is a subconscious program and is reinforcing self-image sabotage.

So, you will write down your five most disempowering questions.

Now that you’ve identified the disempowering questions, how can you start asking empowering questions instead of the disempowering ones?

Empowering questions are questions that have precisely the opposite effect of disempowering questions.

While disempowering questions focus your mind on what you don’t have, can’t do, and are not—and therefore take away your power to act—empowering questions focus your mind on what you have, what you can do, and who you are.

In short, empowering questions unleash your ability to take action— and to express Who You Really Are.

The answers to empowering questions produce feelings of positive self-worth and ultimately lead to answers that tell the truth about who you really are and reinforce a positive self-image.

It’s awesome!

I’ve done this in my life, and it’s completely changed the way I think. It’s incredible.

I don’t have any habitual negative thought patterns anymore.

You begin to silence those circuits, nerve cells that no longer fire together, no longer wire together… and you begin to biologically break down the circuits in your brain that are connected to the old self and to the old mind.

“Neurons that fire together, wire together.”

– Donald Hebb

This is why the practice of gratitude can be so powerful.

Neuropsychologist Donald Hebb first used this phrase in 1949 to describe how pathways in the brain are formed and reinforced through repetition.

In one of your first lessons, I will show you how to do this technique step-by-step.

You might be wondering, “How do I know if this is for me?”

The answer is simple—just look back on the past twelve months of your life. Are you moving forward, achieving your goals, and more importantly, are you happy right now with the current circumstances in your life?

Take a mental image of the last twelve months and place it in front of you.

If you do nothing different, then the next twelve months will be very similar to what you’ve just experienced, because you’re still operating from the same state of consciousness that you are currently in.

If you look back and see that your life hasn’t moved forward in the direction you want it to, you haven’t achieved the things you want, and you know you could be a lot happier, and live a much more fulfilled life, then this course is the turning point for you.

Look, results don’t happen in a vacuum.

It takes work, and if you want to change, you have to apply the techniques and strategies in this course.

When you do that, I promise you will get results. The techniques you need to implement in your life are simple yet profoundly transformative.

Once you understand how the principles work, you will be able to practice them at any time.

You’ll learn how to create the experiences you want in life so you can finally get unstuck and stop confronting the things you no longer wish to experience; therefore, allowing you to achieve your goals.

While this might seem a little difficult, I promise it’s not.

Your Secret Self Methodology is an easy-to-follow lifestyle transformation plan that WORKS!

Perhaps you’re concerned Your Secret Self Methodology, with all of its strategies, will cost you quite a bit…

And, in all honesty, it really should.


I’ll get to the price in just a few moments…

First, I want to share a few other unique benefits this one-of-a-kind program will deliver to you…

  • You’ll learn how to instantly identify temporary obstacles as growth challenges in disguise so you can quickly bounce back and boldly step into the life you desire…
  • Align every area of your life with a rhythm of perpetual growth, so every day you’re expanding, learning, and becoming a better version of yourself.
  • Build a trust in yourself that’s so deep, you can take on any challenge, dream, or opportunity without fear of failure or judgment.

The price of Your Secret Self Methodology by itself is valued at $997.00…

Yet, you’re not just receiving Your Secret Self Methodology today:

Just for taking the time to read this, I’ll give you, FREE of charge, these value-added bonuses to help you re-engineer a winning self-image, overcome your current problems and limitations, and achieve your goals even faster.

The first gift you’ll be receiving is The Magic Morning Protocol.

You’ll discover how to start your day with intention, creating a powerful vision of your ideal self and your goals, rewriting your mind’s programming, overwriting your old ill-serving paradigms with new empowering models that beautifully align with your goals and desires.

Win your morning and you win your day, experience an unshakable attitude that helps you cut through self-doubt, negativity, and unwanted behaviors so you focus on your priorities.

It’s normally valued at $197… yours FREE today!

The second gift you’ll be receiving is The Easy Everyday Diet and Fitness Plan.

This plan will show you how I lost twelve pounds of stubborn “quarantine fat” with no cardio and in just thirty-two days. It’s so easy, anyone can do it, plus, you’ll keep the weight off, all while eating foods you enjoy without feeling like you’re on a diet.

Even better—you’re going to experience amazing focus, clarity, energy, and better sleep while staying fit in a fun way.

If there were ever a Magic Bullet to weight loss, this is it because it will put you on the fast track to rapidly re-engineering your winning self-image.

Plus, my simple home workout routine for anyone is normally valued at $197… yours FREE today!

The third gift you’ll be receiving is The Abundance Mindset Masterclass.

Learn how to create an Abundance Mindset—a masterclass to understanding the mental path to wealth, prosperity, and abundance.

Transform your relationship with money, erase negative money habits, and clear the limiting beliefs that hold you back from raises, promotions, and financial opportunities around you.

It’s normally valued at $197… again, yours FREE today!

Now you can see why Your Secret Self Methodology is valued at $997.00 … even without the bonuses, it’s a deal…

And, if you bought the bonuses along with Your Secret Self Methodology, you’re cost would be $1588.00

However, just for reading this, I have a much better deal coming your way…

Of course, you could choose to just continue on the path you’re on right now…

And pay ten, twenty, even one-hundred times this much money in the near future in the form of another year spent stuck going round and round confronting the same circle of disappointing circumstances with nothing really changing in your life…

Another year of behavioral self-image sabotage…

Feeling like you are not good enough…


lacking the confidence to go after and experience achieving your goals…


staying stuck feeling unattractive or out of shape…


ruminating in negativity…


struggling with addictive behavior.

Do you really want another year of that?

or a lifetime of it?


“The self-image is the key to human personality and behavior — setting the boundaries of individual accomplishment, defining what we can or cannot do.”

Maxwell Maltz

And let’s not EVEN mention the time wasted, another year of your dreams passing you by, and another year of feeling guilt and disappointment.

That isn’t what I want for you.

I feel you deserve to know why I’m offering you such a massive discount today…

So let me share my vision with you... It’s a CAUSE that I’m inviting you to join, along with all the other folks just like you who are ready to:

Get unstuck and experience their goals…

So they can overcome their current circumstances…

And transform their life…

And above all, share their new life with the world.

A few years ago, I set an inspiring goal:

I decided to dedicate myself to helping at least 10,000 men and women transform their lives by improving the way they view themselves so they, too, can reach their aspirations in life.


That’s thousands of lives that will be touched and transformed…

Can you imagine how much joy that would create in the world around you?

How many happier people would that make?

People who know they can finally experience life on their terms and not be defined by their past.

They can finally be in control of who they truly are.

How many other people would be inspired by this cause?

The bottom line is: I decided I absolutely need to let as many folks as possible join in on this cause…

A cause I call:

Transformation To Thousands!

The good news?

That means a much lower price for you… Because I want YOU to join the cause…

And I don’t want “finances” to stop anyone!

Make sense?

That means that today you will not be paying the retail value of The Secret Self Methodology and the bonuses…

Not even close!

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If you do not start experiencing transformation in your life in the first sixty days…


If you do not start overcoming your problems and limitations and taking control of your life in the first thirty days…


Even If you just don’t like the way my program looks…

The style of the videos…

You name it… I’ll gladly refund you every penny…

No questions! No hassles!

Plus you can keep all the bonuses free of charge.

Click on the button that says “Yes! I Want To Transform My Life” to claim your discounted price now!

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