Technique number 2: 

Have you ever noticed in the morning or even throughout the day how sometimes you can get bombarded with negative thoughts that repeat themselves over and over again. 

You start thinking about the problems of the day, criticizing yourself or start thinking about random things that happened 2 weeks ago and it can really sometimes set a negative tone..

Why can’t I do anything right?

Why am I so overweight?

Why am I so broke?

When is my life going to get better?

Why does this keep happening to me? This is so unfair?

Why do I have such a bad attitude all the time?

Why is life so hard?

Why does she/he have it so much easier?

Why bother, nothing is ever going to get better?

Sound familiar?

So how do we break the thread?

First of all the goal here is to help you become more aware of your unconscious mental chatter, the conversations that you have with yourself in secret so you can change it…

This takes practice… 

Your inward conversations are the breeding ground of all your future actions. Morning, noon, and night you are carrying on little internal arguments. 

All that we can do is control the nature and the direction of our inner conversations. Most of us are unaware of the fact that our inner conversations are the causes of the circumstance of our life.

So when you catch yourself, break the habit by consciously creating new thoughts, thereby making a new record to externalize itself in your future. 

One benefit of this technique is it will begin to help you observe what you’re saying to yourself unconsciously.

And the other benefit is you can decide to ask empowering rather than disempowering questions. 

Your brain will find an answer either way. 

If you go around asking negative questions such as, why can’t I do anything right? 

Why am I so broke? 

And why am I so overweight? 

Whether you’re asking these questions consciously or subconsciously your mind will find the answers. 

And guess what? 

You’ll feel as if you never do anything right, are broke, and are quite overweight. 

This, of course, is a subconscious program and is reinforcing self-image sabotage.

So, Write down your five most disempowering questions and think about it for a couple of minutes.

So now we need to begin to ask more empowering questions to think from empowering ideas and noble thoughts. 

Now that you’ve identified the disempowering questions how can you start asking empowering questions instead of the disempowering ones?

Empowering questions are questions that have precisely the opposite effect of disempowering questions. 

While disempowering questions focus your mind on what you don’t have, can’t do, and are not—and therefore take away your power to act—empowering questions focus your mind on what you have, what you can do, and who you are. 

In short, empowering questions unleash your ability to take action— and to express Who You Really Are. 

The answers to empowering questions produce feelings of positive self-worth and ultimately lead to answers that tell the truth about Who You Really Are and reinforce a positive self-image.

Now I want you to change the disempowering questions you just wrote into empowering questions. 

How do we do this? 

Simply reverse the negative question into a positive one! 

For example, let’s say one of the disempowering questions you wrote was, 

“How come I never get the breaks other people get?”

Your empowering question might be: 

“Why am I so grateful?” 

Or, if one of the disempowering questions was: 

“Why am I so overweight?” 

Your empowering question could be: “Why is it so easy for me to lose weight?” 

Got it? 

To turn your disempowering questions into empowering ones, simply write the OPPOSITE of the disempowering questions you just wrote. 

By creating new questions for ourselves to live into, you break the thread of habitual thought patterns and start to consciously create a new mind and whenever you make your brain work differently, you’re changing your mind, because the mind is the brain in action. 

And as the brain begins to fire in new ways, and you produce a new level of mind, nerve cells that fire together, wire together. 

Re-engineering your self-image.

Practice this daily and you will begin to prune old negative thought patterns creating new ones training your mind to think more positively and productively. 

This will become a habitual way of thinking when you begin to form the habit of doing this.

It’s awesome I’ve done this in my life and it’s completely changed the way that I think it’s incredible.

I don’t have any habitual negative thought patterns anymore. You begin to silence those circuits, nerve cells that no longer fire together, no longer wire together…

And you begin to biologically break down the circuits in your brain that are connected to the old self and to the old mind.

You will start to think from these self-image re-engineering questions reconditioning your subconscious mind re-engineering the way you see yourself. 

This is the third and technique to observe your reactions to life…

By practicing this you will become a lot more self-aware so you can break the unconscious habit of being yourself.

Remember Nothing is more important to us than our conception of ourselves

Anything you, an individual, claim yourself to be (be it good, bad or indifferent, right or wrong) must be made manifest in your world, for by claiming the state, you have consented to its life. 

Your reactions to life define you, and as long as they remain as they are, your life will stay the same. 

Your world is but a projection of your state of awareness. Consciousness is the only substance and the only cause of the phenomena of life; therefore, change can’t occur until there is a change in consciousness.

The only work you are called upon to do is work on yourself. Start this work by observing your reactions to life turn against the psychological ideas that govern your behavior and the dominant mood which governs your actions and reactions to life. 

If you react to that which is being objectified, you bind yourself to a certain level of awareness, but if you refuse to react, the thread is broken. 

If, at this moment your feelings are not noble, turn against them. 

This is done by putting new feelings in their place. You cannot change your thinking until you change your feeling, and all feelings come from ideas.  

A man’s enemies are those of his own household which is everything he accepts as true.

So, if you want your world to change, you must determine what you want to accept and consent to as true before you can change it. 

Be willing to admit that the circumstances are only objectifying what you are conscious of, then change your consciousness and your world will change. 

You can change your world by rearranging your thoughts and having them travel only in one direction, and that is toward the fulfillment of your desire. 

And, as you begin to identify yourself with your chosen state, the separation takes place.

But your assumption must be a maintained attitude and, if for a moment you lose the mood, recapture it.

And if you lose it again, feel yourself back into the feeling until the mood becomes so natural your thinking from that mood is normal.

If you continue to have the same reactions, you have not changed your feelings. Your world forever conforms to your inner assumption. 

Remember your aim a thousand times in the course of a day. Notice your thoughts in regard to it, and break all unlovely ones.

If you are not successful, it is because you not practicing this truth and applying this law.

Learn to discipline your mind, for only the disciplined mind can maintain the feeling of the wish fulfilled. 

If, what you had imagined, your goal has not come into being, it is because you have not severed the ties that bind you to the level where you now stand.

You must break your mechanical reaction to life in order to change your life-track.

Any enlargement of our concept of self involves a somewhat challenging parting with strongly rooted patterns of being, hereditary conceptions, and habits. 

The habits you have learned over time can be a very tricky thing and act as ligaments pulling you back to old behaviors and thought patterns.

As you now know, the reason you function as you do today is that you are a creature of habit. The only thing which robs you of the person you could be is habit. 

Now what’s so encouraging about this, is it’s not difficult to start making dramatic shifts and changes in your life..

13 years ago I moved from Texas to California to start a new chapter of my life, I quit drinking something that had defined me for years and in a short amount of time, I started to experience lots of improvement in my relationship with myself…  

I was feeling more confident and committed to change… 

I stumbled upon a habit that naturally pushed me to want to improve daily..

And the crazy thing is I had no idea it was even a habit. 

It felt completely natural and fun to me.

This habit was putting the rest of my life in place.

Other things just naturally fell into place creating a domino effect leading to new actions, behaviors, and other habits. 

I didn’t have to think about changing lots of things in my life, it just came naturally. 

Imagine how much easier and more fulfilling your lifestyle could be if you discovered one habit that naturally put the rest of your life into place.

So often we struggle to live the way we want to simply because we don’t have the willpower to make different decisions. 

Whether it’s having the discipline to eat healthily or the courage to take a risk or the drive to perform better at work, we delay these choices — even though we know they are important — simply because we don’t have the willpower to make something new happen today resisting change.

Improving your lifestyle and becoming the type of person who “has their act together” isn’t nearly as hard as you might think. 

You might need just one habit before the dominoes start falling everywhere.

That’s why I call it the magic habit 

It opened up a whole new world for me, 

aligned me with my best self allowing me to overcome addiction, my confidence issues, feeling unattractive, constant negative and pessimism, feeling unworthy, not good enough, ultimately re-engineering my self-image. 

giving me a self-belief blueprint. 

Now What so empowering about this is our self-image and our habits tend to go together. Change one and you will automatically change the other…

Today I’m very grateful that I’ve had to go through all of this adversity. It’s allowed for me to get to know myself and create the life I want to experience. 

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